Tokyu Department Store


Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store

Business information
  • Address

    2-24-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Main switchboard

    03-3477-3111 <representative from Toyoko Store, main store>

  • Store business hours:

    10:00-21:0011:00-22:30 (L.O. 22:00)
    Store Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00
    West Building 9th floor Tokyu Restaurant Floor
    [dining] From 11:00 to 22:30 order stop 22:00

    Note that some stores have different business hours. For more details, please refer.

    Store Holidays

    Open everyday unless otherwise noted.

  1. Tokyu Department Store
  2. Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store
  3. Restaurant & cafe
  4. It is manager soot of January

Restaurant & Cafe restaurant & cafe

It is manager soot of January

It kept menu using seasonal ingredients and the best recommended menu of each shop including advantageous set.
■ Business hours from 11:00 to 22:30 [order stop 22:00]

Shimotakaido Asahizushi Central office

2,808 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Try to be; / thoraglobefish
・Hand-rolled sushi 10 kan (we close Chutoro, squid <sea urchin topping>, tuna red meat, Japanese tiger prawn, yellowtail, thoraglobefish mackerel, salmon, salmon roe, conger eel)
・Egg dish

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Tuna wholesale dealer Tsukiji Omoto
Selected sashimi set meal

1,620 yen

・Assorted five kinds of sashimi (bluefin tuna Chutoro, tuna red meat, ark shell)
・Rice, bowl, pickles

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Ginza Tatsutano
Scallop pot meal

1,512 yen

・Scallop pot meal
・Small dish
・Soup, Konomono

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Iori Komatsu originator
Competition for carrot limit taste soba

<each day 20 meals limit >2,000 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Crab / prawns / garland chrysanthemum / carrot
・Change soba and Nihachi soba which we kneaded carrot into
・Tempura (prawns, crab, seasonal vegetables)

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Tile cafe & kitchen plus
Grilled mushrooms cream sauce hamburg

It is 1,580 yen (with sweets drink)

Seasonal ingredients: Elingi mushroom / pumpkin
・Grilled mushrooms cream sauce hamburg
・Small dish
・Rice, miso soup, pickle
・Coffee dessert

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Pasta course

1,980 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Japanese blue crab
・Seasonal appetizer salad
・Seasonal soup
・Tomato cream sauce pasta with Japanese blue crab
・Coffee or tea

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Recommendation set

1,680 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Oyster / Japanese mustard spinach
・Fried food (tea beauty pork tenderloin cutlet [70 g] or roast and [80 g], fried oyster two)
・Stew of tartar sauce, Japanese mustard spinach
・Rice, miso soup, pickles

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Eel Matsukawa, Shibuya
First lunar month eel low dining table

4,320 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Scallop / rape
・Tuna sashimi
・Rape goma-ae, chawanmushi
・Tempura (scallop, prawns, lotus root, shishito green pepper)
・Breathe coming; pickles

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Ginza Aster
Selectable special noodles set

2,700 yen

・Appetizer assortment
・Spring roll, two kinds of steamed dim sum
・Please choose one point from three kinds of noodles (Ankake noodles of grilled san*yumen / prawns noodles / prawns)
・Tender almond jelly

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Anzu no Hana (flower of apricot)
Set of cod and collagen soup soba and xiaolongbao of Chinese cabbage

1,728 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Cod / Chinese cabbage
・Cod and collagen soup soba of Chinese cabbage
・Two xiaolongbao
・Almond jelly

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Udon Shikoku
Recommended low dining table

1,620 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Oyster
・Kitsune Udon (small)
・Tempura (prawns, oyster, eggplant, shishito green pepper)
・Small dish, pickles

  • Until Thursday, January 31

Tempura Tenmatsu
Recommendation set

1,944 yen

Seasonal ingredients: Oyster / lotus root
・Sashimi (tuna, sea bream)
・Small dish, chawanmushi
・Tempura (two prawns, oyster, kidney beans, lotus root)
・Kakiage of shrimp and scallops
・Queen crab rice, miso soup, pickles

  • Until Thursday, January 31
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