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Toyoko Noren Street

Spring Toyoko Noren Street Festival | Spring sweets

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Wednesday
  • Toyoko Noren Street (Shibuya Mark City B1F)

A sweet time when smile blooms together.

"Yoshino cherry tree" which was studded with cherry blossoms made by running out of kneading on fire on the mashed sweet potatoes. Violet which goes, and is pretty on the running out of kneading on fire with bean jam.
<Shiose Sohonke>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Left : Upper cake "Yoshino cherry tree" (per one)
Right : Upper cake "violet" (per one)
<each day for each 15 limit> ⋯ for each 486 yen

It was sticky and we went and wrapped bush warbler bean jam made with bean jam in shittoritoshita cloth and decorated salt cherry blossoms. It is one article to be able to taste coming of spring.
<kintsuba Nakataya>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Cherry tree yam (per one)
<each day 20 limit> ⋯ for each 249 yen

Beautiful cake reflecting the image of "color of thinned Indian Ink cherry blossoms" of more than one thousand years years old. We went over Domyoji in kudzu to pink dyeing, Shozu and wrapped bean jam.
<Ryoguchiya Korekiyo>
Cloud (per one) of color of thinned Indian Ink
<each day 20 limit> ⋯ for each 411 yen

We offered Fuku SAYA cube of our restaurant popularity with limited package of cherry blossoms design. It is recommended to petit gift of celebration.
Fuku SAYA cube
(cherry tree package, 1 unit) <each day 50 limit> ⋯ for each 270 yen

Gorgeous mille-feuille which we displayed large strawberry luxuriously. Crunchy pie and full-bodied custard cream are justs affinity.
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Mille-feuille of strawberry
It is ⋯1, 944 yen (one, length: about 14cm)

We assorted limited cookies only for this set including "Savoy" which we coated with chocolate.
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Corinna (one box)
<200 limit> ⋯1, 404 yen

In custard pudding, it is topping with cream and slightly sweet cherry blossoms bean jam. It is springlike seasonally limited pudding which gentle sweetness harmonized with.
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Pudding parfait
(cherry blossoms bean jam, 1 unit) ⋯ for each 378 yen

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