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Toyoko Noren Street

Spring Toyoko Noren Street Festival | Taste, the skill of artisan

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday
  • Toyoko Noren Street (Shibuya Mark City B1F)

Taste with all feelings and confidence assembles in full force.

It is lunch box which can thoroughly enjoy bamboo shoot and discerning taste including gorgeous chirashi-sushi and Spanish mackerel yuan-yaki of prawns.

<Japanese Cuisine Minokichi>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
The third lunar month
<each day 30 limit> ⋯1, 728 yen

Chef assorts popular deli of <DEAN & DELUCA> deliciously. Have taste full of variety to change every day.
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Hors d'oeuvre
(one) of chef
<each day 15 limit> ⋯1, 620 yen
※Photograph is an example of assortment (we offer contents every day in rotation).

We mixed mugwort and one of Tamba large-grained variety of the adzuki bean or saw and displayed cherry blossoms to "Karukan".
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Flower Karukan

(1 piece) ⋯ for each 195 yen

Oomi rice, rice cake which matched two kinds of white quinoa with red. You put olive oil, and, with fresh and juicy bean jam, please have.
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Taneya olives rice cake

[one box, rice cake two bags (one bag 4 pieces), bean jam one bag, with olive oil one piece (9 g)] ⋯897 Japanese yen


"Coffee tile" which there is flavor of slightly bitter coffee is taste of adult who matches liquor.
<Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Coffee tile
(with six pieces)
<150 bag of limit> ⋯540 Japanese yen

 The first week 
Left : MOSAIQUE cake
(one piece, length: about 25cm)
<each day 20 limit> ⋯2, 700 yen
■ Sale of from Thursday, March 19 to 25th Wednesday
 The second week 
Right : Pound cake
(one piece, length: about 18cm)
It is ⋯1, 620 yen <we limit one piece limit, 20 each day per person>
■ Sale of from Thursday, March 26 to 31st Tuesday

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