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Toyoko Noren Street

<DOLCE & MARCO/DOLCE and Marco> limited period store

  • Saturday, February 1 ~ Tuesday, February March 31
  • Toyoko Noren Street (Shibuya Mark City B1F)

We are introduced even TV, and store specializing in quite popular apple pie <DOLCE & MARCO/DOLCE and Marco> comes up in Toyoko Noren Street now in Yokohama!

It is ultimate apple pie which increased superior Aomori product wisteria apple and specially made soybean milk cheese cream & secret custard cream in sweetness, acidity, flavor and texture to crunchy piecrust which we fully use fermented butter from France said to be the world's most delicious and folded to 1,000 levels.
Apple pie

(1 piece) ⋯399 Japanese yen
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Traditional candy "kannoro" of Italy Sicily is got close to as breakfast and snacks and can enjoy piecrust and taste of various creams that we did fast. It is famous as candy which by having appeared as small tools of movie "godfather", the popularity was sublimed into.

(1 piece) ⋯ for each 270 yen

Tradition cake "suforiaterra" of Naples praised highly introduction as sweets which certainly became boom in the TBS TV "world that Matsuko did not know". It is Italian DOLCE characterized by texture that we did a lot that wrapped up cream of sweet potato from Kagoshima and specially made cream which blended kanroni with cloth for exclusive use of suforiaterra native to home Italy.

(1 piece) ⋯ for each 399 yen

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