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Toyoko Noren Street

Spring Toyoko Noren Street Festival | Delicious costarring

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday
  • Toyoko Noren Street (Shibuya Mark City B1F)

Please enjoy well-known stores, combination of exquisite taste.

Chiboust of <BOUL'MICH> is bean jam of <color of the sky>, potato yokan of <Funawa> and delicious collaboration.

The top. <BOUL'MICH> X <color of the sky>
tsubuan Chiboust

(1 unit, about 12cm) ⋯540 Japanese yen
Bottom. <BOUL'MICH> X <Funawa>
Chiboust of potato yokan and the inner skin chestnut

(1 unit, about 12cm) ⋯562 Japanese yen
■ Sale store: BOULMICH

Popular item of <LES DEUX MAGOTS PARIS BAKERY> is limited product which arranged bean jam of "bread (bean jam butter) of salt and butter" into bean jam using potato yokan of <Funawa>.
<Funawa> noimoan nyuen and bread
(per one) of butter
<each day 250 limit> ⋯ for each 303 yen

Left : <CAPITAL COFFEE> X <Oguraya Yamamoto>
Thick-sliced toast
(one meal) of Shio-konbu and a good cheese
Right : <CAPITAL COFFEE> X <color of the sky>
Bean jam butter toast
(one meal)
<each day for each 20 meals limit> ⋯ for each 605 yen
※We attach mini-soft serve for +110 yen.
■ Sale store: <CAPITAL COFFEE (eat-in)>

 The first week 
Right : <Seigetsudo Honten> X <CAPITAL COFFEE>
Steamed gong - cherry blossoms and coffee ...

(1 piece) ⋯ for each 270 yen
■ Sale of from Thursday, March 19 to 25th Wednesday
 The second week 
Left : <Seigetsudo Honten> X <Hosuien>
... full of steamed gong - Matcha

(1 piece) ⋯ for each 249 yen
■ Sale of from Thursday, March 26 to 31st Tuesday
■ Sale store: Seigetsudo main store

<Ishingo> We wrapped <Asakusa Imahan> simmered with beef ginger in cloth for steamed bun of this. Juicy taste spreads in mouth full.
<Ishingo> X <Asakusa Imahan (foods boiled in soy)>
We are proud of dish simmered in beef sinew ginger
(1 unit)
<each day 20 limit> ⋯ for each 648 yen

It is prawns Tenmusu which is full of flavors that mixed Japanese pepper crepe of <Ebiya Sohonpo> in rice.
<Jiraiya> X <Ebiya Sohonpo>
Japanese pepper crepe Tenmusu

(5 pieces) ⋯801 Japanese yen
■ Sale store: <Jiraiya>

It is deluxe lunch box which put eel of <Miyakawa Honten> and chicken thigh, tsukune of <kushitokotakumichoma> together.
Left : <Miyakawa Honten> X <kushitokotakumichoma>
Eel & barbecued chicken bento
<each day 30 limit> ⋯1, 944 yen
■ Sale store: <Miyakawa Honten>

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