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Toyoko Noren Street

Spring Toyoko Noren Street Festival

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday
  • Toyoko Noren Street (Shibuya Mark City B1F)

It is 1969. Spring of thanks.
It is 1969 from "Toyoko Noren Street" of 1951 birth.
Customer most contributes to the fact that "noren" was continued protecting as pioneer of Japanese street of well-known stores for a long time.
We are very grateful to much patronage that we had until now.

With the end of the business of Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store, we will open as new "Toyoko Noren Street" in Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B2, B3 on forthcoming Thursday, April 16.

"Toyoko Noren Street Festival" that becomes held last this time in Toyoko Store. We give several folds thought of thanks with taste of fold-over well-known store.

Spring sweets

A sweet time when smile blooms together.
"Yoshino cherry tree" which was studded with cherry blossoms made by running out of kneading on fire on the mashed sweet potatoes. Violet which goes, and is pretty on the running out of kneading on fire with bean jam.
<Shiose Sohonke>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
Left : Upper cake "Yoshino cherry tree" (per one)
Right : Upper cake "violet" (per one)
<each day for each 15 limit> ⋯ for each 486 yen

Toyoko Noren Street limited | Delicious costarring

Please enjoy well-known stores, combination of exquisite taste.
Chiboust of <BOUL'MICH> is bean jam of <color of the sky>, potato yokan of <Funawa> and delicious collaboration.
The top. <BOUL'MICH> X <color of the sky>
tsubuan Chiboust

(1 unit, about 12cm) ⋯540 Japanese yen
Bottom. <BOUL'MICH> X <Funawa>
Chiboust of potato yokan and the inner skin chestnut

(1 unit, about 12cm) ⋯562 Japanese yen
■ Sale store: BOULMICH

Taste, the skill of artisan

Taste with all feelings and confidence assembles in full force.
It is lunch box which can thoroughly enjoy bamboo shoot and discerning taste including gorgeous chirashi-sushi and Spanish mackerel yuan-yaki of prawns.
<Japanese Cuisine Minokichi>
 Toyoko Noren Street limited 
The third lunar month
<each day 30 limit> ⋯1, 728 yen

Toyoko Noren Street limited | 873 bento, hors d'oeuvre

You can enjoy two kinds of lunch box that each shop made an elaborate plans every week in rotation.
Boil Japanese black beef and vegetables with specially made sukiyaki sauce of <Asakusa Imahan>, and in hearty lunch box. We enjoy taste of meat.
Asakusa Imahan Lunch Box
Beef assortment 873 bento
<each day 50 limit> ⋯873 Japanese yen
It is sold Tuesday for from Thursday, March 26 to 31st in the  second week

Toyoko Noren Street limited | Preference bento

"Rice" and "side dish" are free to do combination.
Preference bento
(either one set of one portion/rice X rice, rice X side dish, side dish X side dish) ⋯1, 296 yen
■  Notice Thursday, March 26, 27th Friday, 28th Saturday 3 nichikangen ri
■ Toyoko Noren Street Special section (the Minokichi side)

<Aji no Hamato> Spanish mackerel Nishikyo roast and side dish (one) of the sum <each day 30 limit>
 Side dish 
<Kanzan> Clams and prawns flyer (one) <each day 60 limit>

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