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  5. GATEAU FESTA HARADA/gateau Festa Harada

Toyoko Noren Street

GATEAU FESTA HARADA/gateau Festa Harada

  • From Wednesday, March 25 to Tuesday, March 31
  • Toyoko Noren Street Special section (in front of LES DEUX MAGOTS PARIS BAKERY)

Gateau rusk which we finished using good-quality butter to baguette of fragrant flavor named "thing which appreciated taste of wheat" carefully. Texture and flavor of mellow butter that we did fast provide blissful time.
<gateau Festa Harada>
GOUTER de lower/simple big bag

(*13 bag of with two pieces) ⋯972 Japanese yen
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Store Introduction

We set up the head office in Takasaki-shi, Gunma and are founded as manufacturer of Japanese confectionery in 1901.
"Lower, totomoni is known GOUTER de" representative product gateau rusk as Western confectionery brand deploying store to the whole country widely now.

We coated white chocolate on one side of gateau rusk. It is famous confection playing flavor ... happiness of good-quality butter of gateau rusk enhancing gentle melting and taste of creamy white chocolate.
<gateau Festa Harada>
GOUTER de lower white chocolate/simple big bag

(with ten pieces) ⋯864 Japanese yen
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