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<Itoya> Shibuya selling over the counter horsetail

  • Until Tuesday, March 31
  • South Building 3rd floor <Itoya>
  • Limited-period shops

<Itoya> Shibuya Store will finish business with the end of the business of Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store on Tuesday, March 31, too.
It sincerely offers my gratitude to have had you favor for a long time.

In September, 2000, it is opened by Toyoko Store. We had many customers watch until now.
With appreciation for 20 years, it is Currently held in "we sell horsetail" only for stock!
From stationery to card and letter, notebook, art supplies, most products in shop become 30% OFF from store indication body price.
In addition, a lot of products of special price offer, too.

※With some products and repair charges, names charges are out of discount.
※We cannot accept new back order and reservation.
※"We sell exhaustively", and please refrain from return of goods, refund, product exchange of eligible product.
※As you are available in limited quantities, please forgive on sellout.