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    2-24-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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    03-3477-3111 <representative from Toyoko Store, main store>

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    Store Business hours 10:00-21:00
    West Building 9th floor Tokyu Restaurant Floor
    [dining] 11:00-22:30 order stop 22:00

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    We will do business until Tuesday, March 31 without taking a rest day after day.

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Topics topics

Hearing aid spring special sale

  • Thursday, February 13 ~ Wednesday, February March 11
  • West Building 8th floor meganenikiyo
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We realize "hearing" which is more natural, and is comfortable without being tired from the latest hearing aid.
Conference by maker technical person is held, too!

Stella Li 80 6C
[product of photograph]
Simple substance price: 574,000 yen [hearing aid: 530,000 yen <tax-free>, battery charger:> tax-included 44,000 yen <]
Both ears price: 998,000 yen [hearing aid: 954,000 yen <tax-free>, battery charger:> tax-included 44,000 yen <]

Purchase present!

During exhibition period of from Thursday, February 13 to Wednesday, March 11, we let customer of purchase do "electric dryer for hearing aid" one point with 100,000 yen or more hearing aids.
※The hearing aid body is consumption tax tax-free.

Conference by maker technical person

Monday, February 17, Tuesday, March 3 each day 10:30-17:30
February 24 (month, substitute public holiday) 10:30-17:30

■ Reservations, inquiry:
Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store West Building 8th floor NIKYO
  TEL.03-3477-4571 <direct line>

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