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Topics topics

Cherry blossoms, Aya, festival

  • Until Tuesday, March 31
  • West Building 9th floor Tokyu Restaurant Floor [dining dining]
  • Limited-period shops

We had good flavor associated in season of cherry blossoms.

Recommended product

<Iori Komatsu originator>
Cherry tree
2,000 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

It is bamboo steamer only by this time in connection with cherry blossoms.
・Kakiage (sakura shrimp, water dropwort, burdock), cherry blossoms limit bamboo steamer of sakura shrimp

<flower) of Anzu no Hana (apricot>
Ankake Yakisoba of sakura shrimp and seasonal vegetables
1,870 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

Please thoroughly enjoy nice smell of sakura shrimp feeling spring.
・Sakura shrimp, seasonal vegetables (canola flower, bamboo shoot, Cabetsu), Yakisoba

<tuna wholesale dealer Tsukiji Omoto>
1,650 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

It is seafood bowl reflecting the image of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
・Sashimi (tuna, whitefish), egg, vinegar meal, miso soup

Fillet cutlet sandwich (running out of 6)
842 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

It is fillet cutlet sandwich of cherry blossoms package. How about as souvenir?
※Stated value is tax-included price including consumption tax of 8% of reduction tax rates.

<Ginza Tatsutano>
Cherry blossoms anmitsu
1,210 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

Please enjoy Matcha agar and five colors of sweet natto, harmony of cherry blossoms ice.
・Matcha agar, five colors of beans go; bean jam, cherry blossoms ice, white mitsu

<tile cafe & kitchen plus>
Waffle fabric strawberry
1,078 yen

Until Tuesday, March 31

We attached strawberry and berry, sauce, waffle fabric to strawberry ice of cerise.
・Waffle fabric strawberry ice whip, strawberry, berry