Tokyu Department Store


Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Store finishing business on March 31.
As the last closing project in Toyoko department store, we supported Toyoko department store from 1954
We will carry out fresco production plan by eight artists on wall of West Building stairs.

Theme of fresco "SHIBUYA."
Conventional Shibuya expressed by hand of eight artists and Shibuya in the future
By producing fresco to wall of stairs, connect thought of Toyoko department store with the future.

We plan cooperation in Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store official SNS during implementation period.
For details, we will tell on official Twitter (@TOKYU_DEPT_ty). Check it out!

Enforcement summary

  • Display period: From Saturday, March 14 to 31st Tuesday
  • Production period: From Saturday, March 14 to 20th Friday
  • Display and production time: From 11:00 to 21:00
  • Place: Shibuya Station, Tokyu Toyoko West Building 6 size stairs 3th-9th floors 2-24-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

※As production Time & Date varies among each artist, please note.
※About display period, we are going to extend during Shibuya expo period after April 1.
※With Business hours, there are display and possibility to change production time.

Participation Aristrist

Matsumoto Seiji

We are from Osaka University of Arts
Style that his work depicts character of animal and person by simple constitution. It is characterized by gesture with sense of fun that had round eyes and character who looked. We emigrate to New York and start carrier after the independence as illustrator in earnest. We participate in private exhibition and art event and energize. We deal with art of domestic and foreign various fields now based in Tokyo. In addition, member of Aristrist group "COPER's" moving into action under the theme of children and environmental problem.
The main work results: New York Times, McDonald's, UNIQLO
Official URL:
Instagram: @seijimatsumoto_arts
Fresco production day: Saturday, March 14, 15th Sunday

Ryosuke Kataoka (kataokaryosuke) he

It was born in Okayama for 1,993 years. Makeup artist: Tokyo Zokei University graphic design specialty graduation. We express using technique such as painting or installation centering on drawing. It is the 15th "1_WALL" graphic section finalist in receiving a prize career
Instagram: @kataoka___ryosuke
Fresco production day: From Saturday, March 14 to 20th Friday (holiday)

Mr. Ayumi Kubota

It was born in 1993. We graduate from technical school of outfitting and become independent after experiencing apparel designer in 2018. It is moving into action as illustrator of FREE LANCE now. We are good at illustrations such as person, the animals and plants, abstraction in fashion-like viewpoint and produce window display of apparel brand, illustration of CD jacket and perform branch and workshop to event of department store and work regardless of genre.
Instagram: @__ayumi_kubota__
Fresco production day: From Saturday, March 14 to 20th Friday (holiday)

Mr. Haruharu

Hiroshima City University Graduate School science of arts graduate course completion. After having dealt with graphic, Web design in design production company, we start indie in around 2017. We hold first private exhibition "Sprits" in 2019. We are participating in art event with production of graphic design illustration such as goods or CD jacket, live paint and portrait now.
Instagram: @haruharu_wu
Twitter: @haruharu_wu
Fresco production day: From Saturday, March 14 to 19th Thursday

machida Miho (machidamiho) he

We express sense that heart was excited in everyday life by illustration of flower. We are selling original Handkerchief in the name called FLOWER RIBBON SHOP while producing drawing ZINE and Gif video. We want to continue manufacturing that communication to be excited about is born as. Tokyo Zokei University textile design specialty native place.
Instagram: @miho.m.0802
Twitter: @miho.m.0802
Fresco production day: Saturday, March 14, 15 Sunday, 17th Tuesday, 19th Thursday


Creator agency which advocates "we change the each person's world by power of story" as mission. As well as "editing power" of narrow sense to design universal story that the world seeks, we have "COMMUNITY produce power" letting you lay enthusiasm while being connected directly and it spreads and amplify value and fan of writer, contents. We collaborate with creator belonging to cork and challenge redefinition of "editing" of new age.
Official URL:

Mr. yajimakenji

Comic artist. "Cat noofukuchan" publishing serially in FELISSIMO cat part became book. → We liked book and bookstore and worked as member of bookstore. kikan "ko pekuntoshimpaiinu" Now in store. We would like notification of each dumb person to DM or cork (
Instagram: @yajima_kenji
Twitter: @yajima_kenji
Fresco production day: Saturday, March 14

Mr. tsunodafumu

Comic artist. Comics serialization is decided from April! → We update "every risakono rule" at 7:00 a.m. → #Beautiful woman one year 1 page of comic which have days → Cork is belonging "stepping today"
Instagram: @tsunoda.humu
Twitter: @tsunoda_fumm
Fresco production day: Saturday, March 14

Web magazine "KAMADO"

Bilingual Web magazine to report story, information to centering on art, tradition (crafts, folk handicraft), manufacturing. We make the soil of culture to join new value together as platform with Web magazine as base to the next times.
Official URL:

Takashi Suga period (figure or seaweed) he

It was born in Nagasaki for 1,985 years. We are a graduate from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts for 2,009 years. Under the theme of human root-like act and desire, we express using pictorial technique while referring to expression of graffiti describing own existence on street. In 2014, we are roaming about Australia and are affected by aborigine culture and we stay in old folk house of old man whom we met and produce.
Official URL:
Instagram: @suga.aka.takanori
Twitter: @sugarworks2
Fresco production day: From Saturday, March 14 to 20th Friday (holiday)

※We may be changed in fresco production schedule of each Aristrist.


Tokyu Department Store


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Web magazine "KAMADO"

About application

Aristrist open call for participants was finished.
Thank you for your much application.