Tokyu Department Store


Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store

Shibuya Station, Tokyu Toyoko finished business on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
We have you favor for 85 years and sincerely offer my gratitude.
Thank you very much.

In Toyoko Store loft business end sales floor
Of purchase
We relate to products
Contact information

In the case of telephone, it is TEL.03-3477-3111
<representative of Tokyu Department Store>

In the case of visit

It is customer inquiry window after former Toyoko Store West Building 1st floor information Tokyu Toyoko

Acceptance period: From Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Sunday, May 31 [each day from 11:00 to 20:00]
※It will be closed on Sunday on Saturday, April 4, 5th.

In the case of email

About transference of customer center

We transfer customer center (gift certificate, TFC) as follows and will change service contents.

[until Wednesday, April 8]
In koremadedori former Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Store West Building 8th floor [is finished at 17:00 on Wednesday, April 8]
※It will be closed on Sunday on Saturday, April 4, 5th.

[from Thursday, April 9]
We transfer to former Tokyu Department Store Toyoko Store South Building 3F

The following service was finished. We accept sequentially in each Shibuya・Main Store and other artists Tokyu Department Store shop.

●TOKYU CARD counter
nyutaikaishuzoku comes and we change various of confirmation of credit and go through the procedure
●Gift salon
Acceptance, bridal club of congratulations or condolence-related and other artists various gift

Shibuya Tokyu Food Show

Tokyu Food Show

Toyoko Noren Street

Toyoko Noren Street
4/9 site OPEN plan

Tokyu Restaurant Floor

West Building 9th floor Restaurant Floor [dining dining],
As Restaurant Floor of "Shibuya expo" opening for a limited time from April, we replace some stores and will continue business.
It will be closed on Sunday on Saturday, April 4, 5th.