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Tokyu Food Show

Cherry blossoms, Aya, festival | Sweets

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday
  • Tokyu Food Show (Basement 1st floor)

We have good flavor associated in season of cherry blossoms and will introduce.

 Tokyu Toyoko limited 
La Terre Saison
Cherry blossoms strawberry Amaou strawberries

(one) ⋯1, 620 yen

<Gateaux de Voyage>
Melty Chiboust, *

(one) ⋯1, 080 yen

<Kakinokizaka Quatre>
Cherry blossoms strawberry mille-feuille

(1 piece) ⋯681 Japanese yen

<Shinjuku Takano>
DECO cherry tree

(one) ⋯2, 592 yen

<my bakery>
Cherry blossoms chief councillor of state

(1 stick) ⋯901 Japanese yen


(1 piece) ⋯ for each 216 yen

<Bunmedo Tokyo>
Cherry blossoms castella 0.5A

(with running out of 5) ⋯357 Japanese yen

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