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  2. Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store
  3. Tokyu Food Show
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Tokyu Food Show

PARIYA Recommendation of this week

  • From Thursday, March 26 to Wednesday, April 1
  • Tokyu Food Show (Basement 1st floor)

Get W Stamp
Daylong double stamp service
■ Until Tuesday, March 31

We stamp and will give double service to customer who used PARIYA daylong.

Recommended gelato

[sherbet of strawberry]

Price List
Single486 Japanese yen
Double540 Japanese yen

※You can choose cup or corn.
※Recommendation of this week changes on every Thursday.


Rice + Main dish + salad + side
・Rice is available from polished rice, brown rice, rice of the week.
・We can choose Main dish/salad/side from for each 4-5 kinds of weekly menus one by one.
※Menu changes on every Thursday.

Price List
Polished rice set1, 080 yen
Brown rice set1, 134 yen
From rice set1, 188 yen of the week
※Price varies according to rice of the week.

The weekly menu

[Main dish]
・Prawns cream croquette [+\108]
・Sambal coconut chicken
・Homemade meatball and Rigatoni tomato sauce [+\108]
・yu*tori (yurinchi)
・White sesame fried mayonnaise of salmon and celery

・Oven grilled spring vegetables turmeric soy mayonnaise [+\108]
・kuranchidoresshingu of salad walnut and bacon of cresson and red cabbage
・Avocado and kidney beans, salad sesame hijikia fusiformis dressing [+\108]
・Prawns Mayo spa salad
・Hot zha cai & spicy oil of steamed chicken match seared cucumber

・betonamizu of coriander match slice daikon
・Plum ponzu vinegar of new onion and seaweed
・Oyster noodle
・French fries CONSOMME salt

[rice substitute]
・Corn pepper rice

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Tokyu Food Show store list

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