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Tokyu Food Show

March wine fair

  • From Thursday, March 7 to Wednesday, April 1
  • Japanese and Western liquors floor wine corner

Part 1:3 seven days a month from Saturday to 13th Friday
・New I of this month
・Bargain wine of this month
Part 2:3 14 days a month from Saturday to 20th Friday (holiday)
・New II of this month
※With Business hours shortening, we will change by oasa 10:40 at the meeting time for the first day for exhibition period.

Special session: From Saturday, March 19 to Wednesday, April 1
・Spring cherry blossom viewing wine feature
※There is not lottery of entering a shop numbered tickets

"Sale wine list" (PDF)

"Announcement of sales system" (PDF)

"marukuburedifu" old vintage special order sale

■ Order acceptance period:
From Sunday, March 1 to 15th Sunday
■ Pick-up date of products:
From Saturday, March 21 to 28th Saturday

Click here for details (PDF)

Tokyu Department Store Online Shopping "Shibuya wine station"

We introduce wine which Tokyu Department Store recommends with confidence. We had from good wine of cost performance to be able to enjoy casually at home to PREMIUM wine which it was hard to obtain, wine which was good to gift including wedding anniversary on birthday widely.

※After checking age, we sell alcoholic beverage only for people 20 years or older. On gift, apply for delivery their not being minors after checking fault Ecklonia.
■Tokyu Department Store Online Shopping "alcoholic beverage sale manager mark"
・Name of sale ground and the location: Tokyu Department Store second annex 2-24-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Full name of alcoholic beverage sale manager: Tachibana way Taro
・The alcoholic beverage sales management training attendance date: February 1, 2019
・Deadline for attendance of the next time training: January 31, 2022
・The training enforcement group: Association of Japan voluntary chain store

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