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Tokyu Food Show

Cherry blossoms, Aya, festival | Deli

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday
  • Tokyu Food Show (Basement 1st floor)

We have good flavor associated in season of cherry blossoms and will introduce.

<Japanese Restaurant NADAMAN>
Cherry blossom viewing low dining table "is clear and mild in spring"

(one lunch box) ⋯1, 944 yen

Lunch spring

(one lunch box) ⋯730 Japanese yen

Cherry blossom viewing Deli set

(one lunch box) <240 limit> ⋯810 Japanese yen

Assortment spring temari

(one lunch box) <each day six limit> ⋯778 Japanese yen

<Azabu Asahi>
Yakitori hors d'oeuvre

(one set) <each day three sets limit> ⋯2, 140 yen

<Schmankerl Stube>
Seasonal hors d'oeuvre set of cherry blossoms

(1 package) ⋯2, 501 yen

Cherry blossom viewing hors d'oeuvre

(1 package) ⋯1, 404 yen

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