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Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store

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  2. Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store
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Tokyu Food Show

Tokyu Food Show floor map


West Building - Tokyu Food Show [food street] -
South Building - Tokyu Food Show [food street] -

List of shops

Tokyu Food Show
Western confectionery
Japanese confectionery
Sushi, bento
Western deli
Japanese deli
Chinese/Asian deli
Japanese and Western liquors
The countries specialty
Bread, Grocery
Fresh products
Food gift, others
The eat-in stands

Information for service


Advice of selection of wine, sake

We advise selection of wine, sake that taste of customer included master of wine adviser, sake 唎 liquor.

Advice of selection of cheese

Cheese adviser looks for cheese to preference of customer.

Advance order for sushi, sashimi


The eat stands

Please use for break.

JIS week 1,2,3

It is event corners to introduce for a limited time such as up-and-coming shop, seasonal product.

Order cake

We accept consultation about original cake. Please ask staff member for further information.

Advance order for hors d'oeuvre

Please ask staff member for further information.

Reservations of lunch box

Please ask staff member for further information.

Product same day delivery service <fee required>

On the day we will send product of purchase to home in food floor.
※There are local limited, exclusion item

Cell-phone charge service

Charge of cell-phone corresponding to each maker is possible. for fee

Eat-in Business hours

Uoriki sea foods sushi: From 10:00 to 21:00 (order stop 20:30) ※No Smoking Allowed
* We have food floor hesitate to come to accompany pet.
(guide dog, hearing assistance dog, service dog can enter.)