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  • Rio Hiraiwa's Recommendation!

We pay attention to "strawberry" in 2019! Christmas cake to want to eat in Eve & Christmas on weekdays?

Keyword of November: ## family whom # reservation recommends to Christmas on weekdays sits in a happy circle

Christmas of 2019 is weekdays with the day of Eve, 25th of 24th. There seem to be many people picking up Christmas cake for work return.
If it becomes almost the evening, on the day food sales floor of department store under the ground is full of customers of purchase very much! You make a reservation and should be able to get smartly quickly if possible.
Theme of Christmas cake of Tokyu Department Store of this year "is Strawberry Magic! With ... downright strawberry dress-up -. After all, cake using strawberry is gorgeous like Christmas, and it is attractive!
In Tokyu Food Show of Toyoko Store, day when we finish receiving is three days on Wednesday on Tuesday, 25th for Monday, December 23, 24 days. The reservation deadline from the Internet is 17:00 of Monday, December 16 (except some products).
That Christmas cake reservation counter of store is established until 20:00 of Tuesday, December 17, but hastens as popular cake has limited number, and there is thing which has been already sold out!
We cannot miss baked confectionery gift of Christmas limited which is good to present.

For night to spend relaxedly, family pleasure of home life of adult

■About cake

<Gramercy New York>

(18cm in diameter) ⋯6, 372 yen

It is sand with cloth and fruit wet with fresh cream which is pure white like snow. Let alone strawberry, pear, yellow peach, orange, fruit such as mango which did marinade slightly are covered with Western liquor, and section is gorgeous, too.
We pay attention to delicacy of the decorations such as thin fold given cream of side. It is romantic strawberry shortcake which month and star of chocolate work glitter.

■Introduction of shop

The highest town New York which we continue leading in art, fashion, gourmet, various scenes including entertainment. Above all, it is sweets brand which was born in concept for NEWYORKER cultivated by culture and history in longed-for grammar Sea district.
Candy of stylish design gets a lot of looks, and package is refined, too and is popular among presents.

■It is recommended at such time!

Design which it is shortcake which child is pleased with, but is slightly adult-like is the point.
It seems to become slightly rather late this year in dinnertime in Christmas on weekdays. It is good to dessert completing night of Christmas growing calmly.

Photogenic is gorgeous! It is recommended to girls-only gathering

■About cake

<Gateaux de Voyage>
 Tokyu Department Store limited 
Noel rouge

(15cm in diameter) ⋯5, 400 yen

Red cake shining lustrously is had strawberry preserved in syrup in in gelee of franc Boise.
It is white chocolate mousse in the whole and is made to feel twinges by full-bodied easy sweetness and harmony with acidity of berries unintentionally.

■Introduction of shop

Gateaux de Voyage means long life baked sweets in French (sweets for trip). Specialty store which has Honten in Yokohama, carriage drive which is simple, and prepared warm baked confectionery which came out of thought of patissier with taste hot from the oven for a long time in a day.

■It is recommended at such time!

Bright red Christmas cake getting nervous of feeling is sure that gorgeous girls-only gathering Christmas swells.
It is excellent at affinity with sweet-sour berry even if you have with champagne and wine!

In Christmas of family pleasure of home life to gather more than generation!

■About cake

Christmas cake of kirapi incense strawberry and Akan dairy farmer from Shizuoka

(18cm in diameter) ⋯6, 804 yen

Quite popular Christmas cake comes up again last year in 2019!
Ichigo characterized by refined sweetness and flavor "is special shortcake which decorated with fresh cream of kirapi incense Akan, Hokkaido dairy farmer from Shizuoka.
Original kind that "kirapi incense" was developed in Shizuoka, and registered in 2014, and was applied for. It is vaunted strawberry which investigated "flavor" that "brightness" such as brilliant jewel and good "sweetness" of article are fruity. As it is premature delivery kind to be sold from around the end of November, one is just glad to taste at time in Christmas.
And even Japan where delicious milk is squeezed out of beef which around Lake Akan of Hokkaido is put out to pasture, and was brought up at ease is one of the one of the best Dairy Belt. Proof of heavy taste only by beef which it ate green grass that color of cream got yellowish slightly, and grew up.
We can enjoy fresh cream which strawberry to be able to fully enjoy at size that thing made sand eats and meets, and there is and milk taste are rich in, Balance of the Trinity with sponge cloth with softly calm thickness.

■Introduction of shop

"Enjoying seasonal fruit as for the brand concept only when it is in season."
We value culture of "season" when Japan brought up from the old days that we eat at time when the crops are the most delicious while appreciating blessings of nature. Because it contracts with contract farmers sharing <foundry> and will of the whole country to enable such feelings and finds fruit of state best in total for sales plan.
Sweets with the freshness that we matched at the time including cake and tart give glory to showcase.

■It is recommended at such time!

Shortcake of luxurious strawberry loved from child to age regardless of the generation.
It is one appropriate for Christmas to spend gathering in two generations, three generations in families.

In Christmas that is full of chocolate between chocolate enthusiasts!

■About cake

Mousse chocolate bunny Hue Orange

(12cm in diameter) ⋯5, 940 yen

In heavy dark chocolate mousse, zest is fragrant light vanilla mousse with orange-flavored raisin preserved in syrup faintly, too.
Appearance is given with duster chocolate with white sesame paste and it is quite smooth and is the glossy beautiful finish.
The top is simple, and it decorates in line and orange peel which we drew with chocolate ganache, high-strung cocoa nibs. It is Christmas cake which is full of chocolate which is unbearable for chocolate enthusiast.

■Introduction of shop

We start as chocolate shop which Belgian Chocolatier, Mr. JOSEPH Drap founded in Brussels in 1926.
The name of "GODIVA" comes from the British countess lady GODIVA of the eleventh century and admonishes husband who is going to impose heavy tax, and her proudhearted figure which sacrificed oneself to save citizen of suffering territory is described as image of nude woman who sat astride horse which is emblem of "GODIVA".
We advance to Japan as pioneer of high-quality chocolate in 1972. It is brand which continues being loved widely all over the world now.

■It is recommended at such time!

Even if is 12cm in diameter and hall cake of small size size, but is worth eating well, and share in 3-4 people; satisfaction large!
Of course it wants to monopolize one to have you enjoy by couple and couple if it likes chocolate! We seem to be seized with temptation called this.

For gift delivery of Christmas society and present gathering together

■About candy

Holiday season assortment (YHD-30)

(46 pieces) ⋯3, 240 yen
※WEB order until Saturday, December 14 17:00

Gift only for the current season when we assorted five kinds of cookies of YOKU MOKU popularity to canned limited at time in Christmas.
Other than "Cigare" and "shigaruoushokora", we can enjoy "bieoushokoraore" "bieozamandoshokora" "puranryunnu" and various taste.
What have you utilize can as goods in year of memory in the year in Christmas announced newly every year by French woman painter "Mr. crib" as with the name of an era as for the canned design is recommended.
As there is sale of canned 26 pieces at store, we take early before it is sold out!

■Introduction of shop

Company name was named forest in borderline of the northern part, Arctic Circle of Sweden for small town JOKKMOKK among lakes.
There is there domestic warmth that is in contrast to strictness of nature. We aim at handmade taste that was full of true heart like homemade candy bouncing the conversing with.
"Cigare" which was born in 1969 is loved as longtime seller product widely.

■It is recommended at such time!

Can cookies packed to capacity to be able to pick up for Christmas fair that a lot of mom friends and children gather together are outstanding performances!
As we can deliver, how about for Christmas gift to give friend of distant place and person who is taken care of?

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Rio Hiraiwa

We win the championship at "TV Champion" underground shopping floors championship.
We are known for original viewpoint as underground shopping floors researcher striding along underground shopping floors of not only Tokyo but also all over Japan.
Profound knowledge and love to sweets in particular are deep and preside over COMMUNITY site "cake Republic for sweets enthusiast of happiness".

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