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  1. Tokyu Department Store
  2. Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store
  3. Entertainments calendar
  4. <Wacoal> big bazaar

The Event entertainments information details

<Wacoal> big bazaar

  • From Thursday, March 26 to 31st Tuesday [on Saturday, March 28, 29th Sunday temporary closure]
  • West Hall 8th floor Promotional Hall

Holding last in Toyoko Store!
As for the size color, function in richness! It is chance of bulk buying smart!
As it is holding until 9:00 to stop by day after day, you can do shopping slowly on the way home from work.

※The photo is an image.

Purchase present!

■ It is only for two days on Friday for Thursday, March 26, 27 days
■ Pick-up date place: General counter in West Building 8th floor Promotional Area
In the entertainments hall, we give "<Wacoal> Lingerie wash" to each day first arrival 250 people of purchase one point 1 receipt 11,000 yen <tax-included> or more.

Bra & shorts

Left : Posture Brafor each 4,400 yen
Right : Pair shortsfor each 1,320 yen

Left : It is Bra ⋯ for each 3,850 yen among backs clearly
Right : Pair shorts variousfor each 1,100 yen

Underwear pajamas feature

Shorts variousfor each 880 yen

 It is advantageous every day! 
Shorts pack
(four points of shorts, one point of rest foot time)
<each day 30 sets limit>2, 640 yen

[photograph: the left]
Inner top variousfor each 2,640 yen
Inner bottom variousfor each 1,760 yen
[photograph: the right]
From pajamas various4, 290 yen

Today's service product

 Thursday, March 26 
limited to non-underwire <100 which is hard to slip off even if we move
Shorts (M - LL) with girdle function <Limited to 100 in total>
Evening service product from 18:00
limited to brassiere <50 for night
limited to T-back shorts (M) <200

 Friday, March 27 
Knit (M - LL) with warm cup <30 limited to in total>
limited to casual house dress bottom <50
Belly-warmer tie (M L) <Limited to 100 in total>
Evening service product from 18:00
Bargain shorts (get tag) <per person limited to 5, 200 limited to>
limited to bargain brassiere <50

※We will sell "today's service" except food floor from asa 11:00 on Monday, March 30 for temporary closure on Sunday on Saturday, March 28, 29th.

 Monday, March 30 
limited to senior brand ankle length girdle (M - LL) <30
limited to senior brand kulson <50
Casual house dress (cool feeling), short pants (each M L) <Limited to 50 in total>

 Monday, March 30 
limited to bargain shapeware <50
Career brand T-shirt (two minutes sleeve, M L) <30 limited to in total>
Bargain shorts (M L) for night <Limited to 100 in total>

Free shipping service

■ It is only for Thursday, March 26
On the day, in the entertainments hall, customer of purchase accepts delivery with one for free only for purchase product in Promotional Area 15,000 yen <tax-included> or more.
※There is area of some eligible exclusion. For more details, please ask the sales staff.