Tokyu Department Store


Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store

Business information
  • Address

    2-24-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Main switchboard

    03-3477-3111 <representative from Toyoko Store, main store>

  • Store business hours:

    10:00-21 0011:00-22:30 (L.O.22:00):
    Store Business hours 10:00-21:00
    West Building 9th floor Tokyu Restaurant Floor
    [dining] 11:00-22:30 order stop 22:00

    Note that some stores have different business hours. For more details, please refer.

    Store Holidays

    We will do business until Tuesday, March 31 without taking a rest day after day.

To spend time to remain in memory with customer,
We will send "thanks for 1985" by hospitality as hard as possible.

All power concentration selling horsetail for 1985

From Thursday, February 13! The bargain plan third!

Urban home show Sale
Kitchenware & towel stock disposal

■Thursday, February 13 ~ Wednesday, February 19
■The west, South Hall 8th floor

Urban home show Sale
Bedding, interior stock disposal

■Thursday, February 13 ~ Wednesday, February 19
■South Building 7th floor Urban home show [Household Goods]

Kids' brand sale

■From Thursday, February 13 to 19th Wednesday [closed at 18:00 on the last day]
■West Building 5th floor Promotional Area

We sell exhaustively and plan in particular

[Toyoko Store limited] Sell exhaustively; special sale

We will sell five kinds of different designs for five times to the clearance sale fifth in "<Bashamichi Jubankan> candy" of Toyoko Store recollection design every time.

■[the third] From Thursday, February 13
■/Tokyu Food Show (Basement 1st floor) World Specialities Corner before West Building 1st floor <roast Ted coffee laboratory> [from Thursday, February 13 to 15th Saturday]

The third was sold out.

The third reproduces booklet advertisement (around 1957) of whole body "Toyoko department store" of Toyoko Store. To canned retro, pretty design, we put Yokohama <Bashamichi Jubankan> cheese cookies together.

<Bashamichi Jubankan> canned Tokyu Toyoko original cheese cookies (with 20 pieces)
Limited to 10 >1,080 yen of <1,500 point of limit, one

※It is finished as soon as each time disappears. Please forgive on sellout.

Event notice The fourth
With 20 pieces of Tokyu Department Store shopping bag (1965-1975 charges) mini-sable

(with for each ten pieces of sable cocoa sable)
■We sell from Thursday, March 5

Event notice The fifth
The Tokyu Toyoko appearance (East Building, West Building)
With four pieces of bitalent scouts
(two pieces of chocolate, one piece of lemon, one piece of peanut)
■We sell from Thursday, March 19

[Toyoko Store limited] The purchase present third

■Thursday, February 13 ~ Saturday, February 15
■The West Building 1st floor <roast Ted coffee laboratory> front

Present was finished.

During period from Thursday, February 13, we let the first 1,000 people of purchase do "Toyoko Store recollection picture postcard" (Class two pieces) one set 5,500 yen <possible tax-included adding up> or more in Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store. To the clearance sale fifth, we offer five kinds of picture postcards set sequentially each!
We plan the fourth from Thursday, March 5 on the next time.
※One set is only for per person ※Please forgive on the end, out of stock as soon as you disappear. ※The photo is an image.

Sell exhaustively from Thursday, February 13; the third!
Bargain is full loading in the Urban home show beginning each floor!

omoi hi exhibition of Toyoko department store

From Thursday, January 9 to Tuesday, March 31
The first venue: Basement 1st floor Tokyu Food Show "Shibuya underground shopping center Exit" outer wall surface special panel
The second venue: The west hall 7th floor escalator side Special section

For last three months of Shibuya Station, Toyoko Store which had you favor for a long time of 85 years,
We look back on "85 years of Toyoko department store and the town of Shibuya" with customer
We will offer various display plans.

Cooperation: Tokyu, Tokyu
Material offer cooperation: Michitaka Sekita, Tomoyuki Haneshima

Toyoko department store Photo exhibition
Toyoko department store Photo exhibition

It is 1934 (Showa 9) that we were born by the name of "Toyoko department store" on this ground as the Kanto's first private railroad direct management railway terminal department store on Shibuya Station. Then precious photograph neither looks back on history of Toyoko department store which kept moving forward with this town for 85 years.

Photo courtesy cooperation: Tokyu, Kyodo News Enterprise, Sadatsugu Akaishi

Toyoko department store a la carte

The second from Saturday, February 1 to Wednesday, March 4

History of Shibuya fashion

We look back on event and laying upon of people's opinion and Shibuya, the change of fashion. In addition to "trendy fashion photograph" every generation, past "advertisement Archive" of Tokyu Department Store will feature "TV CM". Please enjoy memory only by the time.

Toyoko department store goods

The second display will feature the times concerning opening of West Building. We will display mainly on articles showing Toyoko of the rapid economic growth period including Toyoko hall of the Showa era from the 30s through the 40s at the time.
Material offer cooperation: Katsutaka Sekita, Hashima Collection Tomoyuki Haneshima

Seal art "night view of Toyoko department store"

■Special section in front of the West Building 5th floor up escalator

We can actually have production of huge seal art by the Yukino Omura supervision of contemporary art artist who replaces one one light of city with circle seal of stationery, and expresses night view. Please participate in night view production of Toyoko department store to put circle seal, and to draw.
The supervision: Yukino Omura
※Participation for free ※The photo is an image. ※It becomes display after the completion.

Fantastic aerial cableway car
"Skylark" photo spot

Only two years from 1951 to 28 years, East Building roof floor at the time and aerial cableway car "skylark" which it was still to 4th floor and tied West Building roof floor to. We reproduced figure which we could confirm only in photograph now in corrugated cardboard material realistically. In commemoration of visit!
Photo courtesy: Sadatsugu Akaishi

We let you take to and broadcast TV CM

We broadcast TV CM of broadcast in In a promotional space in the 40, Showa generation, the 50s. As for "♪ and ... uyoko, noren street ♪".

Shibuya Station of 1964 to rial!
Diorama display

Shibuya Station diorama of 1964 built up precisely by fu*zuifuyoseisaku. There is value of seeing in handmade texture and real cityscape which we were particular about thoroughly.

Memory message & panel display of Toyoko department store

From Thursday, January 9 to Tuesday, March 31
The west hall 7th floor escalator side Special section