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Shibuya Hikarie /Shibuya Hikarie

We develop approximately 200 shops which assumed from Japan, from Shibuya cut end from Basement level 3 of Shibuya Hikarie which was born as symbol of new Shibuya in 2012 in 8 floors of 5F above the ground. Store environment where we were particular about thoroughly is attractive that different BGM is relaxed every switch room and floor overturning concept of conventional powder room fundamentally and can enjoy shopping.
We always suggest new lifestyle in foods, beauty, each zone of fashion. It is commercial facility attracting attention most in Japan full of many customers led by adult woman enjoying different new Shibuya day after day until now.


Tokyu Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line "Shibuya Station" direct connection.
We are connected directly in JR Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Keio Inokashira Line "Shibuya Station" and 2F Connecting Walkway
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▶ Welcome to SHIBUYA Shopping Guide [PDF]

Floor service information

Tax exemption service

◆1 ◆To customer that "ShinQs" and total amount of money of printed receipt meet the following standards, we file at Basement level 3 tax exemption counter. The person who was bought in (tax exemption counter Business hours) on the day of the purchase come to tax exemption counter. Please bring Passport by all means.

[tax exemption eligible person]
One where it is within six months after we enter Japan including foreign tourist

[tax-free standard]
<< general article >>
・Clothing, bag, shoes, jewelry, tableware, Craftwork
・More than 5,400 yen <tax-included>
・Please take to under six months after the entry from Japan
<< expendable supplies >>
・Cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverage, drink, supplement
・Less than 540,000 yen more than 5,400 yen <tax-included>
・Please take from Japan within 30 days after the purchase

◆2 ◆We file for "ShinQs" and tax exemption procedure of customer having receipt which is not printed at each store.

▶ Information for tax exemption procedure from this

▶ List of tax exemption eligible stores from this
List of Shops Offering Tax Exemption [PDF]

Information counter [B3, 2F]

Including consultation of floor guidance, shopping, meal please drop in casually. We do help to have you spend comfortable time in Shibuya Hikarie.

Available card

VISA, MASTER, AMEX, various credit card including JCB are available.

ginren card

The settlement by ginren card prepares possible terminal for Each floor.

Switch room / baby room [B3, B2, B1, 3F, 4F, 5F]

In ShinQs, we offer multifunctional rest room "switch room".
We are comprised of different concepts every floor and suggest unprecedented relaxation including aroma of soft lighting, 3D-sound and healing.
While every floor enjoys different design space and function in each, it is rest room which "you switch" feeling and can do.

Babies' room "switch Interior" [B2]

It is refresh space where both mom and baby can relax in peace. The nursing is in a room and, in addition to kids' restroom, establishes petit Powder space.

Wheelchair, stroller rental service (free) [B3, 2F information]

It is 00 00-21 /10 at rental time
To inconvenient customer of body, customer with small child, we loan free.

Coin Locker [B3, 2F] / cold storage locker [B3]

We installed Coin Locker corresponding to Felica which we could unlock at the time of the world's first blackout.
As cold storage rocker for Felica adds, in the case of shopping such as food, please use.

ATM (cash dispenser) [B3, B2]

[B3] It is 00 00-21 00-21 celebration /10 /10 on 00 Saturday and Sunday on Mizuho Bank weekdays
[B2] It is 00 00-21 00-21 celebration /10 /10 on 00 Saturday and Sunday on Seven Bank weekdays
It is ginren card and others, convenient ATM corresponding to various international card.

Smoking room (smoking area) [7F, 8F, 11F]

Smoking is prohibited in all the building.
We would appreciate your using 7F, 8F, smoking room of 11F.

Tourist information

By tourist information (Shibuya Station B2F Connecting Walkway) of Tokyu Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station, we help with solution that "we had trouble" with of tourists commencing with various reporting of Shibuya.

Visit SHIBUYA Wi-Fi (Free Wi-Fi)

We present ID, password to be able to use in Shibuya Hikarie and others, Shibuya Station, Tokyu Department Store under the ground, Shibuya 109 by the presentation of Passport by 2F information, 3F information under the ground.

Overseas delivery

We accept delivery to foreign countries of purchase product. for fee