Pro-evolution rest room "switch room" which is vaunted one of ShinQs. In pursuit of convenience, pleasure, comfort of customer, it is attractive service function only for ShinQs where we want to come to without shopping purpose unintentionally. We offered space that could change feeling of "ON" "OFF" by various invention in all 6 floors. In addition to basic function of conventional rest room, we add powder room and art exhibit space of TOKYU CARD ClubQ card member limited and suggest original service.
In addition, we introduce "KISSonix 3D" where suggestion of flavor to concept of Each floor and three-dimensional sound sound through and provide comfortable space in woman glance.

Both 5F "RELAX STAGE" heart and body are refreshed!

Special stage which provides change, the finest relaxation from daily life

We experience 5F Switch ROOM

Switch ON! of 4F "Accent STAGE" change

Stage which "always" added sense of fun, surprise of adult, slight accent including stimulation

We experience 4F Switch ROOM

Switch ON! of 3F "Style up STAGE" curiosity

Refined art stage which supports improvement of self-dramatization, and stimulates sensitivity

We experience 3F Switch ROOM

B1 "Beauty presentation STAGE"
Switch ON! of beauty

Stage which supports "the beauty" to one that is sensitive to beauty, and aims at Styleup

We experience B1 Switch ROOM

B2 "Mammy's STAGE"
Communication Switch ON!

Stage of refresh & mom community where both mom and parent and child can enjoy shopping in peace

We experience B2 Switch ROOM

Switch ON! of B3 "Open STAGE" consideration

Stage which minded design, function, and was conscious of gentleness to wide layer

We experience B3 Switch ROOM