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<Kurofune> Open a store for a limited period

  • From Wednesday, July 1 to Sunday, September 13
  • Shibuya Hachi-ko open space B1F
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Kurofune setting up main store in Jiyugaoka "wants to make something freshly-made." and discerning craftsman bakes carefully one by one and, in o concept, introduces candy which we made with Japanese and Western nitorawarenai's original idea including proud castella representing brand to material.
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Kurofune castella

(one piece) ⋯1, 296 yen
We fully use fresh egg from Iwate and are castella which does not add discerning additive to domestic sugar, wheat flour at all.

Kurofune dorayaki
(5 pieces) ⋯1, 134 yen
Using adzuki bean from Tokachi, Hokkaido, we wrapped bean jam which we made use of taste of discerning material in water and cooked in skin of Kurofune pride.