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Notice Fukuoka <Hakata Daito garden>

  • From Thursday, August 13 to 19th Wednesday
  • JIS week 3

We introduce ingredients dakusanno soup which adjusted soup of Japanese beef to Korean traditional yukhoejang.
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<Hakata Daito garden>
Hakata yukhoejang

(450 g) ⋯1, 188 yen
Soup exquisite body and hotness that use Japanese beef luxuriously, and fully entered vegetables.

Terre soup
(450 g) ⋯1, 188 yen
Cloudiness soup which domestic Terre, taste that horotto is soft, and were stewed have begun to dissolve in is body garunoniassari.

The samgyetang half of the body
(800 g) ⋯1, 728 yen
Medicinal herb dishes real in house, handmade additive-free easy taste.

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