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Summer wine balloon NERO davoraoganikku 2018 which feels the rich sun and wind of Sicily

Wine story that label recites

Just hand grows by wine to thing which is beautiful label and thing of interesting design so that there is the word jake buying on CD and DVD. As for the label of wine, there are many things conveying history and episode of wine, and various information and stories there actually hide. It will be that it is felt happily still more deliciously if we drink wine while hearing whisper of label.

Italian Sicily which even the stage of movie "Grand blue" is known, and is surrounded by the clear sky and Mediterranean Sea blue. Let's introduce red wine which came out of grape "NERO davora" which this island is proud of in August. Wine which spicy Saga harmonizes with a feeling of rich fruit and cools in local Sicily in summer and often drinks. We win the top 2 of "recommended red wine ranking" that Tokyu Department Store wine professional staff chooses among 100 kinds, and cost performance is outstanding, too. It is this summer ichioshino red wine which even Online Shopping can purchase.

There is swelling like balloon; and mellow tradition kind NERO davora

Photograph: It is Sicily where the blue sky and sea are beautiful, mei*ji of global wine.
Wine name "balloon NERO davoraoganikku." Because balloon Baloon means balloon and is mellow wine with swelling like balloon. And this name was acquired to take off from Sicily for the world. Design of "lap label" wrapped in paper is very unique, and it is beautiful.

Balloon is described in color that is kind to the center blue, and letter of NERO D' AVOLA (NERO davora) is greatly written in the bottom. Grape kind that Sicily is proud of with NERO davora. It is historical tradition grape which was already cultivated in this ground from ancient Roman age.

Organic wine of sweet smell EU authorization such as refined flower 

Photograph: Traditional kind NERO davora which it is said to be black pearl, and Sicily is proud of
Grape of NERO davora is cultivated only in the southern part of Italy, and it is very high quality red wine that long-term aging is possible in Sicily in particular.

Producer bottakaruro of this wine does this kind in pride, too and uses 100% without blending other kinds entirely. Furthermore, we practice organic agricultural methods of EU authorization not to use pesticides and chemical fertilizer at all and cultivate high grape of quality that we worked hard on very much.

There are fruit taste with a feeling of concentration such as sweet smell, blueberry and jam such as refined flower peculiar to NERO davora and just like balloon, mellow, moderate voluminous feel, and wine to make from good-quality organic grape harmonizes with fresh and young acid well.

Italy where traditional kind of 430 kinds roots in

Left one on the photo: We found in Veneto in 1928. Winery of bottakaruro which continues introducing traditional kind of various parts of Italy to defense, the world.
The photograph right: President Arnold Potter who assumes that we send wine of price to convey charm of tradition kind of Italy, and to be able to buy casually faith.

It is producer with faith to want to introduce tradition kind that bottakaruro is various, and is unique of Italy into the world. Originally, in northern Veneto, it was winery of small mom and pop operation with history of 100 years.

In fact, traditional kind of 430 is in Italy including NERO davora and is said to be crucible of kind. Italy long lengthwise varies in climate and the soil in the northern part, the central part, the southern part, and, also, climate and history are different in one one state which there is 20, too. Therefore there was individuality for each state, and grape kind to cultivate came as thing which expressed their identity proudly.

Faith of producer protecting various tradition kinds and Daichi

Photograph: In bottakaruro, we cultivate traditional kind of various parts of Italy by organic farming.
However, Italy changes for flow to make wine with French international kind including Cabernet so vinyon and Merlot and Chardonnay not traditional kind when it is the 1980s. We pulled up ancestors soil grape which we cultivated from generation to generation in sequence, and producer to transplant appeared in such an international kind.

bottakaruro cooperated with grape farmers of various parts of Italy while we did so and performed activity to protect traditional kind and began wine production in each place. "The essence of Italian wine being diversity to make from unique traditional kind. It being own mission that introduces the charm into the world. Furthermore, in environment that was kind to people, we had faith called making wine of price range which anyone could buy casually naturally and worked hard at wine structure until today.

Cool in Sicily style lightly in the summer; and to pizza & meat dishes of summer vegetables

Photograph: Pizza of vegetables is good to wine of balloon in salami and summer.
Wine of such bottakaruro was sent to Tokyu Department Store for the first time this year and, by wine selection fair of professional staff, was chosen as Vest 2 of red wine section wonderfully.

You cool in Sicily style lightly, and please enjoy with wide dishes including pasta with arrabiata and pittsuea, salami and prosciutto ham, meat dishes including barbecue, spicy ethnic food in the summer. A condensed rich feeling of fruit and label of fresh taste and cool balloon will let the rich sun and wind of Sicily feel.

Recommendation of Tokyu Department Store

[special plan] 12 recommended wine ranking red white set
17,600 yen

Professional of wine including sommelier examines in order to tell table of home about pleasure of wine in Tokyu Department Store and sells 12 sets which put red white wine that Vest 10 became together in net. Of "ideally 1,500 yen - around 2,500 yen to superior versatility, gift with meal selected carefully in concept with wine superior at price in cost performance". Please enjoy at home in 12 set, this summer including bottakaruro.

It is Shibuya Tokyu Food Show soot

Balloon NERO davoraoganikku 2018
(750 ml) 1,540 yen

Straight production center: Italy Sicily
Producer: bottakaruro
Type: Red, hot, medium body
Kind: NERO davora 100%

Grape kind NERO davora 100% of red wine representing Sicily. We acquire "the EU organic certification" with organic grape wine without chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Wine that lap design wrapped in paper is good for quality, appearance neither present beautifully. We have freshness and a feeling of rich fruit with swelling, and comfortable Tannin harmonizes with sweetness of blueberry and fruit such as blackberry in a good balance. Freshness is felt still more in the summer when we cool lightly. Please enjoy with wide dishes including pasta, pizza of ratatouille, tomato and Genovese of vegetables, meat dishes such as barbecue, prosciutto ham salad in the summer.

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Yoshimi Ban (ban, friendship)

Lighter & wine expert. We write mainly on movie, meal, trip. Wine and information magazine "vinoteku" of meal, it is played an active part as reporters such as Hokkaido Shimbun, Gifu Shimbun-sha. In column series which visited stage of world mei*ji and movie, there are "man and woman masterpiece and liquor" "wise remark of cinema" other than the wisteria Sankei business eye "world famous sake travelogue" "stage of masterpiece".