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  • Recommendation of Sacai A Yoshiko!

Hint September peanut of food education

If we find straight peanut,

You say "peanut", or why do you know peanut? Part called gynophore of the ovarian root begins to grow towards the ground after flower bloomed and is called "peanut" afterwards because we go into the underground and make shell.

When ovary do not deal with light that ovary develops and makes shell and seed according to the site of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists, it is about need that hydration is enough. In the case of other bean made on ground, water is absorbed from root, but seems to be able to make neither shell nor seed as gynophore absorbs moisture in the case of peanut and is brought up if in the first place we do not enter soil.

Chinese movie which we saw had the scene where father recommended peanut to son at table in "song of past days" just a little while ago. Roasting peanut is taken out as appetizer generally and thinks that we go to restaurant in China that Chinese likes peanut.

It is China that knew taste to boil peanut, and to eat. It is approximately ten years ago. It always boils at production center, and it might have eaten, in the first place there are few to find straight peanut in supermarket in Japan until late years, and it may not be so long that taste of peanut which we boiled came to be known.

Time when straight peanut is sold is from the end of August to October. My favorite "rises". Rising of Chiba big soapberry which increases twice as much as general kind as for the real size in upbringing kind. It is sweet, and there is depth when we boil and does not stop anymore. I boil with fennel seed in Sinicism. Fennel is able to control gas collecting in stomach, and bean seems to be often cooked with fennel seed. Apart from the effect, flavor of fennel is good to rise Grr.

Coming time when straight peanut becomes delicious. Please try.

#204 peanuts

How to boil straight peanut
If we wash straight peanut well and drop soil, every husk enter around 4% of salt water and, in addition, boils fennel seed adequately for approximately 45 minutes and we just cool and soak the favorite softness with taste if it is. (to around 500 g of peanuts, is fennel seed teaspoon around two? New person takes from a bit)

Sacai A Yoshiko

Director Representative DRYandPEACE
Activity of meal is started triggered by atopy of daughter after duty by foreign-affiliated financial institutions. We develop recipe to base by abundant gastrozooid omen in foreign countries. Food education workshop focusing on seeing society from thing, meal to feel with Gokan presides over "detective corps of meal" without touching nutrition daringly from 2002. We make an effort for the spread of rice flour when we want to leave rice field from 2008. Dry foods which CO2 in case of transportation can reduce works for the spread of Dry foods from thought with future meal without becoming food loss reduction from 11 years, and depending on refrigerator. We produce day of Dry foods dry curry bread project to connect with desert tree planting of Inner Mongolia by eating curry using Dry foods from 2013 and Dry foods curry.

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