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Japanese and Western cake <Higashiyama tea room> POP UP SHOP where we made use of the good-quality subject matter of Kyoto in

kakoho of Kyoto that puts the Japanese and Western subject matters together skillfully, and produces novel good flavor that we have not tasted so far.
Elegant taste that pursued good-quality material overturning common sense for making cake including Uji Matcha is equal.

<Higashiyama tea room>
Uji Matcha luxury swiss roll (one piece) 1,390 yen


Much-talked-about shop which was born this year is first store! <Butters> POP UP SHOP

Craft butter sweets which put the manufacturing method that valued by-products such as no fat milk which caused with manufacturing process of butter, and was traditional together.
Two cloth varying in texture using thick single origin butter of U.K. Jersey,
We baked by 3-layer sewing that sandwiched milk jam between galette burutonnu and the financier.


Discerning delicious <elegant bower> POP UP SHOP where connoisseur of eel kept on choosing

Eat delicacy-rich eel, and as for the new season in spirit. We offered fleshy kabayaki which was particular about steaming and how to grill.
Sauce from Shizuoka which we finished to be able to enjoy eel original taste enhances vaunted taste.


Sweets <Tokyo Pistacchio> POP UP SHOP of rich and tasty, heavy pistachio

Pistachio terrine which we used pistachio which was full of flavors from Italy luxuriously and added and good-quality chocolate.
Bittersweet affinity with raspberry sauce that reminded me during by melting melting away is exquisiteness.
Of course it is delicious and can enjoy even if we just have even if we do sand to biscuit and croissant.

<Tokyo Pistacchio>
Pistachio terrine (4 pieces) 1,301 yen