Tokyu Department Store produces
Fashion and inner wear,
Two new shops appear in "Tokyu plaza Shibuya"!


In consideration of influence of new coronavirus infectious disease
It should be from 11:00 to 20:00 in period, Business hours of - 31 Tuesday on Monday, March 2.

In consideration of going out self-restraint request from Tokyo announced on March 25, we will tell this time on Saturday, March 28 as we will stop business on Sunday on 29th.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.


Pants <sommelier of pants> which meet beautiful back figure

We will suggest coordinates of underwear and pants realizing more beautiful style.
[event holding] Sunday, March 29
"Tell! Magic of underwear which can have confidence toward the hips"
Former underwear salesperson "witch ichichorosu of underwear" having more than 25,000 followers in SNS is advice of girdle and pants for you directly!

Folding possible flattie <butterfly twist> from the U.K.

We are devised in 2007 by four close friends of college student days of U.K. London and make our debut in 2009.
Flattie, <Butterfly Twists> which had original characteristic were completed to bury products and GAP of needs of woman which overflowed in market triggered by words of sister of member, "heel did not have pretty flattie which was tired immediately, but wanted to change".
Stylish design, convenience that bag can carry by folding, comfortable design-rich folder bulldog flattie which wore, and realized feeling. We change and we wear school events and play a part in trip, office in the scene of substitute.