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  2. Kichijoji Store
  3. Restaurant & cafe

Restaurant & Cafe restaurant & cafe



List of restaurant cafes

9th floor restaurant
Each floor cafe

9th floor Restaurant Floor business information

Store business hours:

11:00-22:00 (please confirm order in the last)

Restaurant Floor dinner parking service

As for the customer who had you settle account at restaurant after 18:00, there is parking service of "+2 time" other than parking service depending on the use amount of money. ※Times parking lot, Kichijoji parking plaza parking lot should be eligible exclusion.

Limited privilege of TOKYU CARD ClubQ card member

We offer desert service one drink service, cut service in again the ninth-floor hair salon for card member of birth month.
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The points are usable

In Restaurant Floor, we can eat at TOKYU point of TOKYU CARD ClubQ card.