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    2-3-1, Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

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    Food floor 10:30-18:00
    Basement 1st floor food floor 10:30-18:00

    Note that some stores have different business hours. Please contact us for more details.

    Store Holidays

    Except food floor, it will be closed temporarily on Sunday on Saturday, March 28, 29th.

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  4. Cherry blossom festival Spring affection gift

Topics topics

Cherry blossom festival
Spring affection gift

  • Until Wednesday, April 8
  • In each floor
  • Recommendation

Entrust present with feeling to create gaiety to in spring when heart is excited.
We introduce item to lead to hearty present and oneself new to person who is important for opening of new one year.

<botanikaru & beauty>
Breeze body moisture oil (100 ml)
1,980 yen
Breeze shower gel (200 ml)
3,080 yen
Breeze body sugar scrub (180 g)
4,290 yen

■ 3rd floor Marche stage

Silk scarf

(100% of silk, made in Italy)
For each 14,300 yen

■ 1st floor clothing accessories floor

Shower gel (body soap)
(all six kinds, for each 100 ml)
For each 1,760 yen
Cylindrical gift box
220 yen

■ 5th floor fashion Accessories floor

It is three sinew crests to Edo Kiriko red and white pair slim glass bamboo leaf

(diameter 56mm X 105mm in height, 130cc)
11,000 yen

■ 6th floor tableware floor

Meal apron
(0-3 years old, adjustable size)
4,070 yen
Cat bloomers (0-3 years old, unisex)
4,070 yen

■ 6th Floor Newborn Baby Products Section

ITOEN Matcha set
(20 g of Matcha, Matcha bowl, bamboo tea whisk)
4,384 yen

■ Basement 1st floor ITO EN

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