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Do Tokyu Kichijoji Store Ambassador "; bear parent and child nokumamatonakku"
Figure skating limited sale!

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  • 1st floor clothing accessories floor cash register counter, 5th floor Mens' clothing floor cash register counter, 6th floor baby, child clothing floor
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We sold on a qualified scale in last December and had great popularity
Do original character "of Tokyu Kichijoji Store and will sell figure skating of the bears nokumamatonakku" on a qualified scale again!
Love to check bargain thing throughout, do; with "kumama" of bear mother,
Do, and I would like to speak to boy loving to eat by mischief bear "nakku".

Do; bear parent and child nokumamatonakku figure skating
(with bag for exclusive use of kumama about W5 X D3 X H6cm, nakku about W4 X D2 X H4.5cm/)
<limited number of >1,100 yen

※This product becomes out of point, discount eligible.

☆kumamatonakku profile☆

Tokyu Kichijoji Store original characters "kumamatonakku" that was born in October, 2017.
We check bargain product and attractive product "" as ambassador of Kichijoji Store throughout!

Do; mother of bear
Character: Is friendly, fashion. We love thing which is advantageous that it is new!
Favorite food: Salmon salmon
Birthday: October 19

Boy of bear
Character: We are full of curiosity and love to eat!
Favorite words: Refill for free! Heap of for free!
Birthday: June 20