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Announcement of end of the "senior PREMIUM shopping ticket" sale

  • 8th floor customer center
  • Notice

We should finish sale of "senior PREMIUM shopping ticket" with sale on February 15, 2020.
We will recommend fair "Tokyu family club" of Tokyu Department Store friend whom we pile up, and bonus is added to in ritsu at expiration of a term of half a year or one year in future.

Kichijoji Store limited
; customer eligible 65 years or older

Senior PREMIUM shopping ticket
We will offer shopping ticket for 11,000 yen for 10,000 yen.
We sell from Saturday, February 15  300 sets of limits

Please bring indentures such as driver's licenses of the person with mention of the date of birth by all means.

※ Validity: Tuesday, April 14
※ It is available only in Kichijoji Store.  
※ One set is only for per person.
※ It becomes the end as soon as it is sold out.      
※ It becomes sale only for cash.
※ In the case of purchase, please note that change does not appear with senior PREMIUM shopping ticket.
※ For more details, please ask the sales staff.

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