Tokyu Department Store


Kichijoji Store

Business information
Christmas Disney DREAM MOMENTS which Tokyu group and Disney give
In winter comfortable festival Coat Collection from Thursday, November 16 to 29th Wednesday
From Tokyu Department Store Christmas charity Thursday, November 16
Information for TOKYU POINT Web Service registration
Present 2017 winter gift of Tokyu Department Store


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Event Information

Web handbill catalogue

Sales floor information of Kichijoji Store

  • Rainy day service
  • Food show
  • Kids' event
  • Kitchen tableware event
  • Display of art salon, art Craftwork floor this month
  • Kimono monthly
  • Restaurant information
  • Cosmetic floor

Kichijoji Store formula SNS, application

  • TOKYU CARD ClubQ which is glad, but is connected
  • Wonderful oo is advantageous, and do not obtain; or Tokyu Department Store "meeting of friend" Tokyu family club
  • Information for gift certificate
  • Bridal Club
  • Consultation of Return gift for funeral offering of Tokyu Department Store