Tokyu Department Store


Kichijoji Store

Business information
  • Address

    2-3-1, Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

  • Main switchboard


  • Store business hours:

    10:30-19:00 11:00-21:00
    In all buildings 10:30-19:00
    Please refer for order in the 9th floor Restaurant Floor 11:00-21:00 last.

    Note that some stores have different business hours. Please contact us for more details.

    Store Holidays

    Open everyday unless otherwise noted.

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  3. Service for foreign customers

Service for customers of Service for foreign visitors foreign country

Store summary

The store appearance

We renew in 2014 becoming the opening 40th anniversary. We emphasize presence as the only department store in Kichijoji and, in cooperation with mall, make shops loved as community-based department store. In addition, we always perform sensitive "batter" "meal" "house" suggestion as basic point of "the back of Tokyu" that stylish shop compares with.


  • Kichijoji Station (JR Chuo Main Line, Keio Inokashira Line)

A 7-minute walk from west exit exit, an 8-minute walk from Central Exit (the north side) exit, an 8-minute walk from park Exit exit

Floor service information

Tax exemption service

Customer wanting tax exemption procedure accepts at 8th floor tax exemption counter.
Please bring Passport by all means.

Tax exemption eligible people Where it is within six months after we enter Japan including foreign tourist
Standard of tax exemption procedure

[general article]
Clothing, bag, shoes, jewelry, 5,000 yen including tableware, Craftwork or more <tax-excluded>
After the purchase, please take outside Japan.

[expendable supplies]
500,000 yen or less cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverage, drink, 5,000 yen including supplement or more <tax-excluded>
After the purchase, please take outside Japan within 30 days (special packing is necessary).

  • ※When it is 500,000 yen <tax-excluded> or less, we can free total amount of money of general article and expendable supplies from taxation 5,000 yen <tax-excluded> or more. After the purchase, please take outside Japan within 30 days (special packing is necessary).
  • ※Even if it is tax exemption eligible product, about product of some shops, tax exemption procedure may not be possible.
  • ※The person bought in (tax exemption counter Business hours) on the day of the purchase come to tax exemption counter.
Stroller rental

We rent stroller in shop to customer accompanying small child.
(1st floor, in front of 6th floor elevator)

Available card

VISA, MASTER, AMEX, various credit card including JCB are available.

ginren card

The settlement by ginren card sets up possible terminal in Each floor.

Overseas delivery

We accept delivery to foreign countries of purchase product. for fee