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    2-3-1, Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

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    Food floor 10:30-18:00
    Basement 1st floor food floor 10:30-18:00

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    Except food floor, it will be closed temporarily on Sunday on Saturday, March 28, 29th.

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  4. Kazuhisa Sato Bizen ware exhibition

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Kazuhisa Sato Bizen ware exhibition

  • From Thursday, March 26 to Wednesday, April 1 [on Saturday, March 28, 29th Sunday temporary closure]
  • 8th floor art Craftwork

Kazuhisa Sato who creates Sue carving work which challenges solid molding that has been considered to be difficulties with Bizen ware, and is delicate, and has original texture, expression.
We will display and sell Buddha statue, the birds and beasts, new Bizen ware Sue carving work full of dynamism including the sexagenary cycle.

Kazuhisa Sato
"Statue of Asura"

(Bizen ware Sue carving)

Kazuhisa Sato

(Bizen ware Sue carving)

Kazuhisa Sato
"Dainichi Buddha image"

(Bizen ware Sue carving)

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