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Kichijoji Store

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  • Address

    2-3-1, Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

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  • Store business hours:

    Food floor 10:30-18:00
    Basement 1st floor food floor 10:30-18:00

    Note that some stores have different business hours. Please contact us for more details.

    Store Holidays

    Except food floor, it will be closed temporarily on Sunday on Saturday, March 28, 29th.

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  3. Entertainments calendar

The Event entertainments information details

Nishikawa festival & interior fabric sale
Simultaneously held <TEMPUR> mattress & bed fair

  • From Thursday, March 19 to 31st Tuesday [on Saturday, March 28, 29th Sunday temporary closure]
  • 8th floor Promotional Area

We had good product to have made newly for new life.

<Nishikawa> Bedclothing free shipping campaign

During period, customer of purchase accepts delivery charges in free of charge 55,000 yen <tax-included> or more with <Nishikawa> bedclothing.
※There is some exclusion area.
※Please ask the floor salesperson for details.

<Nishikawa> Bedclothing

Feather comforter
(silver goose 90% down et al., 1.2 kg, 150*210cm from Ukraine)
<20 point of limit >41,800 yen

Wool mattress with synthetic fiber
(100% Cotton [], 100*210cm to antibacterially process)
<20 point of limit >8,800 yen

<TEMPUR> mattress & bed

Bed frame

(120*195*27cm, SD size)
258,500 yen
(120*195*25cm, SD size)
286,000 yen

※The photo is an image. Bed boards are not on as above.