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Autumn new makeup that mask & online shines and does

Mask & online shines and does
Autumn new makeup

Now not to be able to part with mask, eye make in the pivot. We adopt color and will let you shift to seasonal face in autumn. New lip bringing activeness and three-dimensional impression is required item in online.

Beauty tool of stylish and functional KOBAKO

Stylish and functional
Beauty tool of KOBAKO

Beauty tool brand "KOBAKO" which reached the Debut tenth anniversary in 2019. It is very convenient by fashion compact, to carry while having high functionality such as professional specifications.

Brushing up favorite ages the bare skin power and cares

We brush up the bare skin power
Favorite aging care

It is important that skin which has caught damage in summer ultraviolet ray and mask life resets during autumn. We introduce ability group aging care item that we cannot part with when we use once.

Autumn cosmetic limited kit release start

Autumn cosmetic limited kit
The release start

We offered limited kit which was good to skin in autumn. From Tokyu Department Store limited, marketable goods items assemble in full force to thing which was bundled in particular! If there is curious thing; the early purchase.